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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Nyah, GYAH!

look i mean is it soo hard to notice that i dont like being left alone? i mean i addmit im kind of like a puppy dog sometimes. ill look at you meaning something but you wont understand unless your looking for my emotion. nyah whatever. to all those whove been not particulary blown off to say just sorta left alone to wait for someone to chill with. i feel your pain... an i dont like it just like you. [sigh], i mean jeez i really wish i just had a freaking car at the moment... i really just wanna be able to drive where i want and need to go to. an be able to leave when i want... its the most suckiest feeling in the world being left alone. its as if your stuck in a box persay. i mean its not really a place to be. all quiet. the only one there is yourself if you dont have a phone or internet. even then its still pretty quiet just thinking of what an where you wanna surf to web to take your mind off that your alone. Freaking a. why did i habe to go an hydro plane into that fucking pole an fuck up my transportation. i had to sell the altima and my freaking galant just to pay the wreaker bill... and yea i had two cars... and the other one drove but it would randomly shut off. i was working on fixing it an selling the altima. but no! i had to sell both for a measly 240 each! wtf?! i was so depressed an mad when that happened... now out of a car again. i wish that my schools furture holds its good promise. i want this to be a good steping stone for me. im not going lie i am still kinda skeptical about this. but im literaly being paid to go to school! $1000-$6000 actually. and i hope i can use the extra money to get a car. a working car. a car that will turn on an drive until i decide to turn it off an it doesnt look like shit. jeez. i just wont everything to start turning in my favor now. i mean i have been feeling so down in the dumps i would fight yell scream an cry uncontrollably for no reason i could not find a definite reason why i was doing all that. an i just sick an tired of it all............. i want it to be nothing but good news from here. please damnit nothing but good news! i mean havent i suffered enough!? im fucking tired damnit, leave it be an leave me alone im done with the bullshit! fuck you bad karma, go suck the fattest cock in the world an die! i dont wanna see you for a good 20 years! you hear me!?. if i see your smug face around my good mood ever again i hope you have a good way to escape me!

angry rant an ect.



Blogasaurus Rex said...

Do what now?

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