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Friday, April 8, 2011

Pondering the inquiries


What does it really mean,
To some it means and so on. to others it means a mean of thinking, an to others its a problem. lol to me to a conversation starter... well if you think about it. there is that awkward pause sometimes before anyone says anything, an then people speak. i also like to use it when im texting showing im uneasy or not accepting of a said answer. an i also seem to think its ok to use instead of atcualy speaking. word to the wise its not a good way to use it that way. on anthor note you may see that this post was put up late in the almost wee morning time lol as you can see from this i dont sleep alot... an i still have alot of my energy during the day. which i find pretty weird for most because of when i get the least amount of sleep. [2,4 hours] i seem to be, not tired but. sorta full.    which is a weird thing to say but i find it ok to say. maybe cause im in zombie mode right now idk but one things for sure. i like not sleeping. if i could be awake an just take a pill that gave me the rest of sleeping without actualy sleeping. it would make my life so much more time =D like think of all the things i could do instead sleep. the things may be limited but atleast i have time. an ill be doing so much more. being so much more productive an so ... accomplished... hmmm i guess i have noone to talk to online lol. i mean ya i get page views. but to followers. noone really commenting except friends an stuff. meh idk started this blog for fun now just wondering... hmm... just thinking really,,, dont really know what to type either, im just sitting in the dark [literaly] typing this blog...  


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