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Monday, April 4, 2011

Sanford brown?? Howd this happen

Hey there guys

So apperently im in school at sanford brown in tampa. Lets talk about that,

So jeez... i cant remember the day i went. awell it was the day toyota dealership was having a 9$ car sale event an getting rid of all there used vehicles. an so i went an tried. long story short tried for a toyota cilica an got it from $5000 to $1625. but with tag an title it was $2250... an the bank wouldnt finance a loan so low so the dealers wanted it in cash. [whoo this music is too peacful Refur- Segur Ros] saddly i didnt have that an neither did my mom. moving on i went to differnt dealers looking for a deal blah blah blah found nothing good an just ended up tagging along with my mom to an appointment she had somewhere. it was at Sanford Brown. i didnt know that. an so where there in Jackys office talking about my moms future in sonography or the heart or something like that. she wanted to be a doctors right hand man basicly. an they talk this an that an there converstions pauses an all of a sudden jacky looks at me an askes me what i want to do. an before i could answer she says let me see an points out im an artist. yes i am. lol i love playing music i said. an she continues that there are a few students she signed up that are dancers an singers. an was very happy to hear that i am a producer [yea i am i just made my first song an working on my second you can expect them on itunes very soon]. an she goes on saying that if i go here an attend school as a Physician tech that i could have a nation wide licence  meaning that i would be certified to make perscription descisions for wallgreens or any perscription place anywhere in america. an that it would help me if i where to go to different states to preform my shows an promote my music. i can basicly work anywhere. which got me highly interested. so after a long converstion with me convincing me to go to this school for just 9 months was done. papers were all signed an i was set to go to school starting the 21st of april. and i was surprised. i didnt think id be going to school for this. let alone going to school at all! but in any case this is good for me =D an i am glad. making money coudent get any easier i thought. an this would also help me get a vehicle i want an so desperetly NEED! well idk lol um same as last time. thank you guys for stopping bye listing to my blabber an i hope to see you reading my next post ;) Check you Guys laterz 


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