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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Am i the only one who Loves knifes an Airsoft?

I love to go airsofting. if you dont know its really fun. and i love almost any kind of knife there is. 
an were going talk lol 

So airsoft for one is a combat game. that can be played in alot of different ways an is simmular to paintball but instead of paint. we use small 6mm bb's now this increases the difficulty of the game making it more intriguing to play. esspecialy because its so close to being the real thing lol i find alot of fun out of playing this with my friends at a huge 5 -10 arce yard or a small woodland area. i am also very excited to play at a new field this friday. its suppose to be big an with alot of barricades so i cant wait. an if your wondering what kind of gun i have its a JG Ak47 with a no stock [personal customization] an with a hi cap mag of 600. an shoots about 410 fps [feet per second] now if i left stuff out im sorry im writing this one quick lol leave a comment of what i missed an ill post a new post with the additional info =D

so now i wanna talk about knifes. i love them. cooking knifes throwing knifes an any kind of kife that can be used. i love them like a passson. she self accomplishment of sharping your own blade an knowing you did this. i made it this awsomely sharp an noone else can copy my technique. dot dot dot 
check you guys laterz. sorry for the short cut. duties call [rofl duty] 


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