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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Random shopping an Sad hopes

Hey there gaggles of humans

SO i was up early today cause i had a interview with my friends work place today. was a really promissing phone call so i was really excited to get over there an show face lol. well i went to tampa after picking up my girlfriend an dropping off my cousin at school. for reference i just dropped off my little cousin. not my girlfriend ;p on ok. so im off in tampa an i am there for one reason. load up on BB's for the upcoming airsoft skirmish this saturday. there was [i thought] going to be like maybe 30 people there. but there are about 45 people going! ahh! lol so i feel i needed to go an buy more BB's. so i wouldnt run out in a crucial moment. so in st pete now. off to Alternative Sports on Dale Mabury. very cool store by the way its for all your Airsoft, Wakeboarding, Longboarding, Skateboarding, and Paintball needs i personaly like everything but paintball. cant say i like something i never tried. an off we are in stpete. do do do. an i arrive at alternative sports. an its closed... grant it i got there at 9. it opens at 11. grr so flustered i run off on dale mabury looking for something to kill time with. so me an hermy stumble apon a thrift store an find many cool things inside. including a very cool small tick tock clock lol an a poloroid for $10 sweet. and we saw two tvs for 100$ real awsome stuff for terminal disease kids. all proceeds go to people that are going ... an have a set date. an the money goes to help there lasts days amazing  so they go off in style. so as we killed time. we found out we were done with the thrift store around 11:12. so off we drove 10ft to Alternative sports and bought some BB's. whoo hoo! but minutes right after i leave the store. i get a call from alafia river [the people that were very interested in my work activity lol ;( ] an so i got a call but couldnt answer cause my phone fell to the ground an i couldnt reach it to answer so it went to voicemail. an so i got a voicemail saying that they cant accomidate me for work... saddly they needed someone that can work at least three mornings a week. an they said they couldnt hire me cause of my school schedule an was very sad they couldnt hire me... [just like i was] an so. again i am jobless uhg. but good news [i guess] still im going to school. so ill be getting little income from my finacial aid. but not too much ... an then in 9 months ill be a certified physician tech. yay? well i had a pretty rad day besides the sad phone call. an well i guess ill still look for a part time job. i mean i would like a small amount of steady income coming in atleast. but anyway as always leave a comment of anything you gotta say. lol an ill check you guys laterz

Dj Makeshift

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