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Monday, April 4, 2011

Random dream or Nightmare?! March 16, 2011

Ok So this is a dream post. here we go.

So there i am at my house. with my girlfriend. around 9:00pm-12am idk the outside looks the same to me at that time. anyway there we are sitting looking at the full moon in the darkness. just sitting back on the drive way. which for some reason is in the back yard? idk guess on of those backword houses or somethin. An we watch the moon for an hour or two which usualy the moon moves an sets around 1am. but it didnt an it stayed pretty big. like the moon in bruce all mighty lol. an we finish up looking an i decide to walk to lennard. my old school which i graduated back in 09'. yea it gets weirder stay with me. an we walk there an she dissapears on the way there? meh idk shell be back lol an i get to lennard an for some reason theres a yard sale. now ive heard of late yard sales. but not one around 1-2 am ?! an i proceed to look at the merch [short for merchandise or crap for sale] an theres just alot of just random crap i cant make out on a maze of book shelfs. on top of that i see a person i havent seen since theday i graduated. which was awkward. an i continued to pick something up an try to purchase it. apparently i had to be on a list to buy things on this late night yard sale... idk why... so being denied to buy my mystery item from dark night yard sale i walk back home. at home im in the back yard again. but the yard is bigger. like a good 2 acres bigger, an for some reason i saw a fox. it ran through a hole in the fence an for some reason i felt i had to follow it. as it did i notice it ran through the hole, but wasnt anywhere to be seen. so i grab a cement cylinder an try to close off the hole in the fence. but as i bring the cylinder close the fox appears an pleads me not to block it off because of her babies... yea the fox just spoke... an i look in the hole an it continues going into the neighbors yard into the ground where lye three baby foxs. which all at one look at me... at that moment i woke up an said three words 
What the Hell? 
thanks for stopping by always a new dream every other weird one so check in later.
laterz dudes 

Dj Makeshift

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