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Friday, April 8, 2011

Making fruity loops my subject

So today im going talk about fl studio 9. [Fruity loops Music production software]. Well right now i have one song completed an working on 3 at the moment. i will have to buy a upc code but. thats another story. anyway, fl studio has alot to off but is not willing to show you. Meaning there so much you could do with this software. you can warp record twist cut snip. soooooo much its unbeleavable! but the thing that shirks people away is. there isnt much instruction to it. its bassicly a learn as you go. lol or as me an my friends do, youtube tutorials haha. well its a very fun program to get your hands on an start producing. if your in to that. i know i am lol wel check back later ill see if i can put up some samples of my music. 

Later shalome an goodbye 


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