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Monday, April 4, 2011

Pda net for Smarty phones And the Broke

 Hey there,
So i just did a post using this very app. i have to say it is pretty handy an the awsome part is its free.

ok so if you dont know PDA net is a mobile app for smartphones that takes the 3g or 4g network you have on your phone an uses it as internet for your computer by a usb tether or Bluetooth. i personaly use usb. an not only is it cool. its easy. install on phone, apply to computer an your connected an ready to surf. lol an yes i didnt come across this myself. my girlfriend has actually been using this app religiously lol an she loved it. despite she rarely has connection where she lives, it still works awsome on those in bored kinda days. an yea i was one of those people paying to use my 3g hotspot feature on my phone. what?! an extra 15$ a month for 2.5g of surving?! how bout unlimited surfing [as my cell plan already has] an dont put any charge on it. introducing PDA net lol its something you should really look into if you dont want a wifi box or pay at the cafe or resturant or hotel to have some internet. just use your cell phones net. simple as that an big congrats go to the developers to this awsome awsome app. overall rating 9.8 - 10 very pleased thanks for the hit now ill check ya laterz guys.

Dj Makeshift

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