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this is my blog. going be just random things i post, music ideas, thoughts, nightmares, dreams, program reviews, and anything you might want me to talk about. i am always open to opinions an comments. laterz

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

a mind full of intrige, intigue? idk t

hello people an music people alike. hows it hanging. i am completly lost on how to use many of the differnt variety of music production software. i am getting alittle accustomed to fl studio. for those who dont know what that is. its fruity loops studio. sounds gay, yea. but this program is really the shit lol. i have made a few tracks. but could never really get passed a min of production. i just dont know where to go with it qfter that. so ill be posting some an maybe all of my music clips in my blog here an would like some feed back . an i would have to say i still get lost when i use this program. saddly  i need some hints an some advice. such as the wobe effect. i found out how to make it an on all mu sound bites. buti cant find any solid notes. to continue the wobble sound... awell this was my first blog. prolly more scattered than i wanted but ill organize the next one more propperlyrly.anif there are any typos sorry i did the first one on my phone... cant see