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Monday, April 4, 2011

Been awhile yes it has RoFl

Hello party blogger people lol
How is everyone? {please leave all answer to random questions to these below thanyou =D}
ive started this blog awhile ago... maybe a week ago, and ive been lazy. not going lie here. Ive been just lazing about not wanting to blog so now im going post a few right now an more after this one. hope i didnt loose anybody there lol. 

Ok so as of feb 4, 2011 ive been out of a job. In addition to that ive been out of cash, so you can imagine it was a pretty sucky time. but im not saying i got a job today but i did get a good call today. Alifia river {old people place of approx. 65-70 people} called me saying they can start me if im flexible on hours. an also start me at a higher pay :] Happy face indeed. please note. that if your thinking right now. oh boo hoo no money for two months but i bet he got unemployment duh! EEHHHH!!! WRONG! i have been denied unemployment thank you very much. no lol! i am still to this day waiting for my appeal to go through. but thats alittle off topic. sorry if i begin to ramble. it comes from my fathers side. where was i??? oh yes Alifia river called me, good pay, quick questions an a appointment for wendsday at 2:00pm woot excited at the moment. ill be making money and going to school[ explaining school in next blog ] cant wait. er... yea i think thats it for today. er um now lol next blog in a few. see ya then dudes.


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badass robert