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Monday, May 23, 2011

Airsoft or the End of the World?!

Well Saturday was suposely the end of the world. i heard it was going to be a tsunami that was going happen from an earthquake that was going happen lol. yea right a earth quake that big in fl? psh when i see pig fly and shoot guns maybe lol. there was another one of just things going catastrophic and everything in a rubble of flames with an outbreak of a strange disease that is kinda like a zombie apocalypse. haha that wouldeve been awsome to shoot some zombies but alas no. and clearly none of the said predictions happend that day. mainly because your on your computer reading my random blog right now. and for me i was playing airsoft that day lol i know right? what a way to go rofl fake ak47 in hand that fires plastic bbs for a limit of a 6 hour battery lol. ill make it. well airsoft went well that day except for one thing. it was boiling hot that day! i still remember my friends face wes, he was practically melting in sweat it was so gross. it felt like 105 Degrees outside. and it was so muggy humid outside. but besides that it was one fun ass day. i won a few games and it always feels good to shoot your friends knowing your going get shot yourself by the same person any second lol. well off to my next post saying where i was for the time i wasnt blogging lol laterz people 


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