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Monday, April 11, 2011

Strange dream again 4/11/2011

Another strange dream, 
so alittle back story to before the actual dream. So first of all me an my mom were in a small argument at home a couple hours before i slept. an i mean we were yelling at each other lol. anyway i think thats why i had this dream. now for the dream, i dont generaly remembered how it started but. i do remember yelling at someone from my room. an then from my room i get up in my jammies an walk to the kitchen where there is sorta a fish tank kinda color to the kitchen. an as i begin to look around i notice a rather large fish bowl Frozen to the floor with dime sized angel fish inside an an ugly sorta mini jew fish too, just swiming in the frozen bowel. an for somereason a couple of the same angel fish are outside the tank... swimming in mid air around the frozen bowel. as i try to gaze away from the scene of fish i notice the back door is wide open an its pouring rain. but its not wetting the floor. but it is very dim an dark outside. an i begin to change my view to the left of the kitchen. looking at where the dining table is there seems to be a green conyard. for those who dont know what that is. its a rather small parrot about 7-9 inches tall. anyway this bird was on the table an flew from the table to its cage. which is mounted to the wall. sideways, like the bottom is to the wall an its just there. an for some reason the gravity on the wall was different to where i was. you could walk up to the wall an walk on it. ... yea, an the bird entered his cage an sat on his swing, which didnt move at all. an for some reason my girlfriend Hermy was there on the wall playing with the bird.... huh? so after taking all this in i decide its time to wake up from all this. very strange but not the strangest thing yet. check back for more blog posting 

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