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Monday, April 11, 2011

Airsofting and more.

The biggest woodland area ive played at an the farthest ive ever driven too. well been driven too lol. Well first of all i was excited to hear that there was going to be an airsoft match where joseph was actualy going be at for once! an also that there was going to be maybe 60 players this time compared to our usual 8-12. yea thats a big difference. so i was soo pumped to go. but sad face for joseph yet again. cause he didnt come. something serious came up an he couldnt go... psh the drive up to the airsoft field felt like forever. it took like an hour to get there. an on top of that, noone brought a cooler with water or anything. lol we paid for it about 3 matches in. so we get to this field an its a woodland at the edge of a housing community. lol yea sounds bad but it was atcualy kinda fun! an we get there an it was pretty  sweet. i saw the so called veterans of the field an saw they had some extreme guns! like there guns shot so fast a few of them were EBB, electric blowbacks . an i was rather impressed to see a few people with my goggles. an a cool dude with a turbin i think. idk his head was all wrapped in green cloth making it hard to see him even close. lol an i was the second person with no camo... yea i felt stupid but i had no money for camo. so i borrowed a jacket to help myslef out. i do think ill invest in some multicam gear. cause i was proned on the floor behind a tiny bush the first match an saw i an good at picking a hiding spot lol. i was atcually the last man standing on my team against 3 saddly they found me cause of my neon blue shoe laces. an that game was over. but there was this kid with a ak47 just like mine. an it didnt surprise me to hear his ak had a selector switch problem. an eventualy fell off... an got stuck in semi. poor kid, im stuck in auto xp dork. an on top of that that dumbass wore bright red nikes to the game. stupied. but i guess i fall in that category 
too lol. an so it was a pretty good day all in all. i like these guys face protection. some were carbon steal wire mesh half face protection for your face an you wear any type of goggles with them.  i wanna invest on one of those. an i need to invest on a new gun... mine is starting to wear down on me... every third shot it just vears off course. like a good 4-6 inches off course. its weird an idont like it. so ive gone to evike.com and airsoftmegastore.com to check out some new gun ideas an mesh face masks. i found all i wanted at both sites. i want a CYMA Romanian AK47 with fully integrated rail system an a folding stock. shoots about 440 with .20 bbs. ohyea!!! going dominate the competition lol so im going get down to business. i also found the masks for cheap at evike.com. they also have a butt load of different maskes that arnt good for camo but would be really cool to use for some CQB lol alien vs terminators battle ROFL!!! well im out of info check you guys later.


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