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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Have you ever started a post you dont even know what to write you just start..

Lets do it!

Ok go, first thought to mind. why salilor moon i mean what the hell really? who in the right mind thought that chicks in china or japan with small uniforms could become interstellar battlers for earth and that there all named by different planets? what? its like a soft core porn for the school girl and tough girl with a little space love fetish or somethin. i mean what? have you heard of all these weird fetishes? i wonder if i said that right>? lol ha arrrow but no really life fluffy clothing fetish ? what its where they have two girls just wrassle each other in like parachute clothin and apparently the puffier the clothing the sexier it is??? and another one with a balloon? called balloon fetish? where girls bassicly just pop ballons in creative but not so creative ways. with their buts mostly. and the slower they do it the sexier>? really bro you need a girl in your little window blowing up the balloon just to let the air out slowly and turn you on as you choke yourself? uhg thats just wrong since when did balloons go from, oh look balloons must be a party somewhere lets go get some cake. to oh look a balloon... i gotta jerk! like really what the fuck is so hot about a girl popping a balloon. i mean if the girl was hot maybe but ill be fixated on the girl and annoyed at the balloon. i mean what? i am very confused at all the people that like awkward fetishes like that. like uhg might awell watch anime and jerk psh weirdos. i mean there are anime that show more tit and pussy that are pg-m and guess what you can watch them right now oh! what now. or are you too scared to look at a girls body you gotta grab your bag of balloons and make a big mess, fuck. i wonder what they get paid. i wanna get paid to do something werid like a balloon on my head then someone pops it with an airsoft gun. oh that would be awsome! and then well have bloopers of the people missing and getting hit in the face or in the nipple hahahaha, that would be an awsome idea. psh but to pop a balloon youd need like a 500 fps or more i would think. and at something like that youd be shooting either one of three things. your custom gun you upgraded, a sniper rifle or the tommy gun i saw on airsoftmegastore.com. that store is freaking awsome store. besides that bbs are freaking expensive there i mean you could get cheaper ones at airsoft gi but then again there guns prices are out the ass man compared to airsoftmeastore.com lol wow contradictions are pretty fun. lolz how many people use that lol, and or lolz in real life cause i tend to use it alot when i talk lol and type if you havent noticed so far. anyway i starting to notice when i start to wonder and hen i start to completly loose my track of, ... what? i am writing a blog in my friends house right now on there verizon vios internet that connects to like 4 ps3s at one and an xbox and about 3 laptops. woot go fios. but really what sucks is when your neighbor can get fios in there house like tv internet and the whole shebang but you cant get it cause your out of the reigion.... your literally only 45ft away from your neighbor i mean what the hell is the problem i mean if i called bright house right now they be like oh well your alittle to far for the ground connection so well just make a new one that connects directly to your house. tada thanks cable. i mean your not as good as fios i think but your like second best and you know what second best is always taken for granted. i mean you can get almost the same speed and service for a shitload cheaper than what there charging i mean damn almost everything is cheaper when its second best right i mean just because your second doesnt mean is freaking horrible i mean your the second bet your almost first. thats good enough now isnt it. lol i see my friend over there making popcorn she doesnt like for a friend in the other room lol and there all jamming to dubstep music in the next room with the door closed and the house bumping. and this stupid cat just wont leave fuck you big mac. go away noone loves you! go away and stop meowing at the door to come in noone wants your ass in here all you do is eat sashas food and bug the hell out of everyone. lol  the burnt popcorn ... it burned threw the bag. uhg the smell is horrible lol and its chared like a charmander on crack. yea i fucking love the gorrilaz not a particular fan to the dracula song but all there songs are pretty ctchy i mean its just as tantalizing as deadma5 lol and yes its spelled with a five but said like deadmouse! dont forget it he found the name when he found a dead mouse in his computer when he was making music. damn yea wes play that music hold on let me pull my eyes away from the screen long enough to see what song it is,,,huh skrillex slats slats slats, sounds freakin sweet skrillex is one hell of a creapy looking guy but he is one of the best dubstep masters so far that i know of i want more of his albums and you lke deadmau5 and skrillex your going love hadouken penedulum and the polish ambasador... damn had a big brain fart at the moment freaking just typing all i say in theis blog seeing how long i can go with just 20 minutes of typing lol i dont even know how much time has freaking passed since i looked at the clock last i mean one minute you look and its 950 an then you look a split second later and its midnight like wtf? where the hell did all the time go lol you thought i was going say love huh i love that song too, wherrrrrrrrrrrre did alll the loooooooove gooooooooo, i donnnnt know i donnnt know. i freaking cant remember who the hell sings it or what the song title.

ok i think im done here everytime someone trys to talk to me im stuck in my own must type mode! lol so later guys


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