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Monday, May 23, 2011

Airsoft in detail part 2

So i stopped the last blog alittle short cause i had to get back to class, i was in my pharmecy safety class. so, back to airsoft. i believe i left off on that i have a ak47 JG and that it shoots 400 fps blah blah and ok. i remember now lol now. my gun is a true airsoft gun. even though built cheap with half a plastic body other half metal. it keeps its looks in order but leave the strength look away, i think i said that weird but i understood it lol. so today i was firing my ak and i hand it off to my friend wes, he fires it upside down, i get it back... the mag wont wind anymore... i have half the clip full and the mag wont wind anymore... yea. kinda sucks. cause im still out of work looking for it at the same time while going to school in tampa and trying to pay my bills with money i dont have... uhggg. new plog title my life sucks, but thats another story rofl... meh... so i am and have been planning on upgrading my airsofting equipment to a CYMA ak47. EBB, yea buddy a EBB stands for electric blow back! yea gives more realism to the gun with each klink lol and the rate of fire is a bit faster.fps is about the same about 420fps. its full black with an integrated rail system. and im getting the one with a folding bar stock. its a very comfortable stock that folds comfortably to the side. and the entire gun is only 8.5 pounds. so all in all i think the package is one amazing deal for $200 its all full metal if i forgot to mention. strong hard and ready for action just like a horney race horse rofl. hell be comin again and again. haha ok enough bad puns. i need a mag though for my old gun ATM. because wes broke my current one. and i am thinking about getting the either the 1000 round mag or the 2500 round drum mag. lol i love shooting my gun so i think im going throw the 24$ and get two 1000 round clips. dual mag clip it too so i reload faster! oh yea man. and when my ak finaly dies. ima use my clips with my new gun! i cant wait to get my upgrades. do you think granade launchers are a pro con or a cheat lol let me know cause i am thinking about getting one for the newer ak47. whoo... i spoke a mouth full... um please leave any comments on any reviews you guys wanna hear on my blog on any airsoft gun or accessories or anything in this general 2 blogs. thanks for reading you guys ill see you guys laters!

Dj Makeshift 

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