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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Airsoft rivalry? idk you decide

Hey there people, i have come to a conundrum. i have a ak series id like to buy buy idk which one is better i mean besides looks and that one has an Electric blow back. meh ill let you decide for me lol.
Ok so here our first oppenet. Presenting the, Cyma
  495 FPS Kalashnikov Licensed 60th Anniversary Full Metal AK47 RIS Tactical Assault,
notice that that this aeg states it shoots at 495 fps, but is tested with BB's that shouldnt even be in the barrel to begin with. .12 BB's should never be used in a AEG with a gearbox and motor putting out over 300 fps, let alone 400!. now with .20 gram BB's this rifile fires at about 390-440 fps, yea thats a big window but meh, i look at the peak of power. 
Now as you can see here its stamped with an official Kalishnikov stamp, i think i spelled that right, and is full licensed AEG. it is also the 60th anniversary edition. making it alittle more special then the rest. and now for the specs on this rifle.  

This rifle , as you can see, comes with a fully integrated rail system. which is also what a RIS is. it basicly means it has a rail system on it. for the barrel it has an upgraded internal tight bore barrel. now for those of you who dont know what that is ill be explaining it in a bit. It basicly means the barrel is smaller. now for specs. the BB's shot out are 6mm in diameter. and standard bb's barrels are about 8mms wide. now for a tight bore barrel. the barrel is 6.4mm in diameter. giving you much more accuracy and cluster inpact at a distance of about 100+ feet. which is pretty amazing for a gun this cheap. ill tell the price at the end of this.
Now a cool thing about this gun is that it has a rear tactical folding stock. meaning what you see in the picture right above. it makes this gun very versitile and really good field to CQB gun. just like its rival. i believe i already said what CQB is. its fighting in a tight area. like in a small area or in close area. but CQB stands for close quarters combat. it is said to be very fun an adrenalin pumping arena. i do want to play this once. but i havent found a field yet or have my hands on a low fps gun.continuing my review...  the clip on this gun is, and the other gun is 600- 700 rounds a clip. now thats pretty good for a clip. most of my friends have mid caps compared to that.
ok now were heading to our awsome looking rival...
Presenting the
440 FPS CYMA Airsoft Full Metal Electric Blowback AK AEG Rifle CM050A w/ Folding Stock.
as you can see from the photo this gun is alittle different looking a bit more slick with the different looking folding stock ive never seen before. it folds to the side like this at airsoftmegastore. lol idk why but my blogger wont let me put anymore images lol awell ill leave a line in at the bottom to both guns so you can browse them yourself. now the only difference from this gun the the other gun is that this gun has a unique folding stock and that this gun is an EBB, or an electric blowback adding a more real feel to the gun as you fire and play and i think that is just a little bonus to all the fun lol whats better then hearing the metal clink the jammer ask you pull the trigger. ah . now im going have to cut this blog alittle short. got a few other things to do at the moment lol so ill see you guys next time and please leave a comment if you stumbled upon on me. check it out Stumbleupon.com

there you go guys enjoys yourself =)

DJ Makeshift

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