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Tuesday, May 24, 2011


What?is the world going to do without you?
have you ever stopped to think this question? you prolly have if your not a junkie or already on the verge of death. instead maybe its more to the drepressed person about to jump off the roof of some really tall building somewhere? well what do you think the world would be like without
you? without me? without anyone? well for one i think the world will have no difference if you died today yesterday or the 50 years after. second i dont plan on being known as the who? person when i die. and third if there was no noone. there would be nothin like what your reading today or tomorrow now will there? now like i said before, i dont plan on being a person not remembered by this pathetic planet of morons an duchbags. i plan on leaving a big stain on this big blue marble and no, i dont mean im going launch a missle past the stars that will blow the united state no. im not saying that at all im saying more that ill be know as well as snoop dog was for being a rapper and a pot head, or ron jeramy for being hung like a elephant lol i cant say ill make an impact as big as that lol but im sure ill try as hard as i can. and as for you i say the truth when i say. if you jumeped, popped or hung yourself right now, noone will remember you. no one... like so, bam your dead then one week of mourning and then a month of missing you then, poof your put back of everyones mind. and your gone from the worlds memory forever. now if you want to be remembered like i am going to be. plan ahead. plan now. do now. and i mean plan on what you want to do, where you wanna go. what you wanna be. and dont be the best you can be no. be the best the worlds ever seen! yes i mean give it your all and more. i want people to remember you like there going remember me. a valiant hero that fought bravely til the end of his days protecting the people of planet earth. lol no but i do plan on there being some sort of big war in the not so distant future. but thats not what i wanna be remembered for. i wanna be remembered for the music i made how it touched people with such intesity and what i did throughout my life to help other people and how i changed the faces of many people. and that is my random thought of the day. go out there and be somebody. but like they say be careful that first steps a big one. and so we all put on our big boots walking torwards the step and we jump to reach the top until we are there and shining with the stars!

Dj Makeshift

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