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Monday, May 23, 2011

Airsoft in detail.

Hello people im back and ready to type faster than ever so come to me with your questions and i will be here to answer, of course i wont be on roulette chat or whatever thats called. anyway lol airsoft. if you dont know what it is ill start by what its not. you running around with a pellet gun shooting little birds and animals, no! and its not a walmart gun or a clear case that you thing is an aeg. grant it, its electric and it shoots bbs with a motor but, its not an official AEG. please not an AEG in my eyes is a airsoft gun replica that seems to resemble a actual gun with an orange tip and is able to shoot atleast 300 fps. fps meaning feet per second. and AEG meanign airsoft electric gun. i love playing airsoft. meaning is sorta like renenactments with friends, but of course im the only one with one clip and no camo rofl. nut hey i can make due with what i got and still kick your ass in the majority of the rounds we play. now for me you prolly already know i have and AEG. its a JG AK47 folding stock. but saddly the stock broke off. and is now stockless lol. but i like it better that way. my gun shoot at 400- 410 FPS and it hits hard when it shoots and i love my gun. its not full metal but the gear box is metal. and thats where it counts. ...... will continue in a few

Dj Makeshift

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