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Saturday, June 4, 2011

post one of two of this day of today... yea w/e

So, today was a large adventure and also a blood vessel popper. but thats another story.
The adventure today was really awsome, airsoft day at Black Tiger Airsoft Field!!!
I was a very fun and tiring experience if i do say so myself, although there was alot of kids under 15 there. it was very fun to go out to a 33 acer field and play capture the flag, domination, rescue, and destroy, with over 200 people! yea i know i didnt think there would be so many people. lol well i was surprised. and me and the 5 had alot of fun! i got, 6+3+?+... um idk how many people i got out but we one 3/4 matches today! whooped some butt lol. i would love to go again. but not anytime soon. ill explain the reason in my following blog. i met alot of funny and cool people there that were veterans to the field. i loved all the different types of guns they had and that two small kids had there birthday party there. they had so much to offer too! they sold there own stuff like guns knifes, ammo, silencers, drop pouches, masks found only in thr phillepines, and alot of other stuff. they had night and day games. they had a grill going serving breakfest lunch and dinner serving an array of food. and also had a charging station for people to charge there aeg batteries in less than an hour! thats not all! they also had a mechanic on site to repair your gun right there, grant it he was freaking over priced but hey! thats still awsome. i would love to go again it was a delightfully fun experience i would love to do again. i want to have a team patch lol and maybe some actual cammo this time and maybe not running around for 6 hours in jeans cause. i dont like coming home it heat rash al oover the inside of my thighs. freaking most painful thing in the world! i think i do need to upgrade some internals on my gun here to see if i can get the fps alittle higher to maybe 450 or 500, cause i got kinda made at myself for missing people at 200 feet, lol i mean most aegs cant make it half that far but an upgraded one could. a sniper could maybe too. but idk i dont like snipers. im an ak47 kinda man. now with two clips lol. freaking awsome. now for an upgrade im thinking an even faster motor, maybe i shoot around 800 rounds a min. i dont think i want a smaller barrel, the accuracy on my gun is nice enough already i just wanna get more distance on people. like be able to shoot 200+ feet. or atleast 200.  that would be the best, but i would like to try and get a bone yard gun and swap parts out where needed and upgrade what i want to get the results i want. i think ill be looking at upgrade kits alot more now. thanks for reading guys, later

Dj Makeshift

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