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Friday, May 4, 2012


Hello im back again for a installment of an update lol
its been awhile an im done with school an im registered i have been getting into music again and made my own  sound cloud for people to listen to the old stuff i made a while ago (i think a year a go) an my new stuff that i will be posting soon, but not soon enough

 well how yall been lol i dont think theres anyone there to listen anymore since i almost let this blog die out. sorry bloggy. but yea i am currently a registered Pharmacy Technician an looking for a position in either long term care or in a retail environment. which is funny cause i gt a call today from someone i didnt even realize was a place i applied to. its called American Income. an apparently there like cubical workers that do retail i think sales an stuff like that. and the first thing that came into my head was the Office. yea i really hink if i started working in a cubical world i would make the  environment  in to a place alittle crazier than the TV the office.

What else is new? OH im engaged! yup getting married in... march! yea. see i didnt forget Xp. but yes it freaking awsome ive been with this person 5 years an we connect an all levels its just the best an no shes not pregnant guys an gals shes just want t get married too. i love it freaking cant wait either. but the kid part can wait she says she want kids at 25... i said ok cause you know i was young an reckless but now four years later im thinking... oh no... what have i done. i couldev had more time! MORE TIME!!! 

 but SE LA VE

oh yea i also got a new airsoft gun for my birthday this past febuary. an due to school an finding work an taking care of my baby i havent been able to go an play until last sunday an that gun kicked ass! here let me see if i can get you a picture...

there we go! isnt she sexy! saddly she didnt come with that raddical looking scope but she did come with a 9.4 battery box or PEQ box. retailed at $80. oh yea. an this gun is tiny! an the top reciver is one whole peice! its truely a fun gu  to place CQB with. i really enjoyed it an i hope anyone who has one has a freaking awsome time with it. an i know what your thinking your switching from a ak to a M4 variant an ill say hell no. i still have my AK you dummy heads duh! its just the battery went out an i need to get another one for her... saddly i have no job at the moment so i cant get anyting until then. but i do have bbs an anyone who wants to play let me know im trying to go to black tiger airsoft field this saturday an have me some outdoor fun with my friends. should be fun. 

oh shit did i not link my sound cloud i was talking about earlier about? here let me do that real quick so i dont get any haters.....http://soundcloud.com/djmakshift Bam or as DJ Flula would say. BOOM! lol well there ya go guys check out my blog, check out my guns on evike get into airsoft read about my life an listen to my shitty music while you doing it an have an awsome day fapping to r/gonewild 

Later dog 


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